Bodil Fuhr has worked as an allround journalist in Norways leading newspaper, Aftenposten, since the 80ies. She has covered various subjects such as Fashion, Design, Lifestyle, Culture in general and Foreign News. Both as news articles and commentaries, but mostly feature articles. For seven years, in the 90ies, she was the only journalist in Scandinavia reporting directly from the fashion shows in Paris and New York. This was a decade when fashion slowly gained respect as an important cultural expression, and Fuhr was leading the way with her direct reporting and background articles. In 2000 Fuhr was admitted at UCLA and their estimated Professional Program in Screenwriting, thus adding to her bachelor in English, Spanish and Social Anthropology. After a year in Los Angeles, she went back to Norway, where “storytelling” now ruled the media from commercials to plain news. Fuhr profited on her fresh education and excelled as a feature writer and portrait writer with peoples homes as an angle to their own interior. On a trip to do a design story in India, she was redirected to cover the terror attack in Mumbai in 2006. After this considerable change, she worked for the newspapers Foreign News Department for  five years. The vast and varied experiences she has gathered as a journalist, part-time freelancer and generally as a curious person, is now expressed in her blog


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